• This is How Chuck Warren Makes Utah Better

  • Posted on October 15, 2017
  • Chuck Warren has demonstrated an ability to implement strategies that raise awareness and bring success to a variety of projects, including many that others rejected as too difficult. Chuck seems to thrive on projects that are “too hard” for others to handle. Consider the time he managed to get a $1 billion commitment from the Department of Defense and Congress for reusable space hardware for his client IOSTOR; getting that much for one project is never easy.

    Then there s the time Chuck Warren, Utah elite businessman, was able to develop strategies and raise awareness for numerous regulatory changes that were later passed o address many of the worst financial practices of all time, including several that brought down the financial system in 2008. As managing director for Silver Bullet, LLC, a highly regarded consulting firm, Chuck Warren’s Utah savvy has managed to deal with issues such as public affairs, crisis communication and initiative qualifications for a number of multinational corporations, high-profile law firms, municipalities, developers and many other types of organizations. His expertise was key to guiding them to a better place.

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